Christian Bale on Moses, Steve Jobs and Batman

"Extra" caught up with Christian Bale to discuss his take on Moses in "Exodus: Gods and Kings," getting in shape for the role, fatherhood and more!

Christian Bale on Moses, Steve Jobs and Batman
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Christian explained his take on Moses. "If he was the only one who was ever in the presence of God and he arrived today, are you likely to say he's a prophet? I think today people would be far more skeptical and they would say something else."

The actor described how his weight gain for "American Hustle" almost cost him the role of Moses. "I shot a film called 'American Hustle.' I looked like Santa Claus. I put on like 43 pounds and it was all in my gut. I walked into [director Ridley Scott's] office. I'm sure he was like 'get a casting director in here, because he's not it!"

Christian also commented on why he passed on the lead role in the Steve Jobs biopic, revealing, "Great script, but sometimes you have to realize that you're not the right piece of the puzzle."

As for Ben Affleck taking over as the new Batman, he said, "Ben Affleck’s wonderful. A bit of a sobering moment when you say, 'that was mine.' I wish him all the best and he'll do a fantastic job."

On his most important role as dad, Christian said, "I always tell my daughter, if you ever hear me say 'because I said so'… no that's not right. Question me, because your dad's a bit of an idiot."