Uh-Oh! Dean Invited Another Woman Over While Tori Was Out of Town?!

Tensions are running high on Tuesday’s episode of “True Tori.”

In a new clip we see Tori Spelling stressing about husband Dean McDermott taking care of the kids while she’s out of town with friends.

It gets worse when she calls home and finds out Dean had another woman over to the house!

When Tori asks, “What friend came over today?” Dean answers, “S**t.”

Then Spelling asks, “Is she the one we talked about months ago?” McDermott insists, “No, no, no!”

Tori tells her friends she’s never met this girl, adding with frustration, “The one day I go out of town he has her over? Come on!”

Find out who the mystery woman is on Tuesday at 9 PM on “True Tori.”