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Jennifer Aniston Talks Wedding Dates with Ellen DeGeneres

Will Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux tie the knot in a super secret wedding ceremony? Their friends seem to think so.

When Jen stopped by the "Ellen" show on Tuesday, the daytime host revealed that she’s always worried that an invite to a low-key party with the A-list couple will turn out to be a surprise ceremony.

Ellen explained, "I know that I'll know when the wedding is, but sometimes, because it is so secretive, when we're invited [over] we're like 'I'm not in town... but should we be in town?'"

Apparently that has happened before. Aniston said, "Our friends Sacha [Baron Cohen] and Isla [Fisher] showed up for four little gatherings, about a year ago, in beautiful wedding wear. Even for the 4th July last year, Sacha was in a powder blue suit, and Isla was in a little cute dress and we were like, 'Guys, it's 4th July, we were in cut offs, eating hot dogs. We will actually let you know!'"

jennifer-aniston2[Credit: Warner Bros.]

Aniston said another friend was worried when they couldn’t make Thanksgiving this year.

DeGeneres could understand the concern. "That one time that Portia and I called, and it was very secretive, like there may be a thing this weekend, we'll let you guys know where it is, and what time. And we were like, 'Oooh, should we make that?'”

The 45-year-old replied, laughing, "But you didn't come.”

Ellen agreed, teasing, "We didn't come because we heard we didn't need to. I'm very busy. There has to be a wedding for me to stay in town!"

The pair continued to have fun as Aniston donned Ellen’s insta breast invention, a sweater that slowly expanded during the interview. Jen joked that she didn’t notice a difference as her boobs grew well beyond DD, adding, "This is my version of the Kim K. The forward one!"

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