'Duck Dynasty' Star Opens Up About Seizure: 'I Thought I Was a Goner'

Jep Robertston, one of the colorful stars of the A&E show “Duck Dynasty,” is happy to be alive after suffering a life-threatening seizure.

The youngest Robertson brother collapsed while he was out deer hunting with friends in a remote section of woods in Louisiana on October 19.

In his first interview since the health scare, Robertson explained what happened to ABC News and said it still remains a medical mystery.

From his home in Monroe, Louisiana, the 36-year-old told ABC News, “I reached to get my bow and that’s kind of the last I remember. I just crumpled to the ground and they said I had a seizure for like five minutes… I thought I was a goner.”

According to Jep’s wife, Jessica Robertson, it took paramedics a few hours to reach her husband because of the remote spot.

Jep explained that all he remembers is waking up four days later in the hospital. “The time I remember is Thursday -- waking up Thursday, looking around, asking Jess, ‘What are we doing in the hospital?’” he said. “I had no idea what had happened four days before.”

The doctors did several tests but weren’t able to pinpoint the exact cause of the seizure. Robertson said, “They think it was mix between meningitis and encephalitis. For the last month, I’ve mispronounced words and I didn’t know why I did it, but I think it was leading up to the seizure.”

While he was in the hospital, Robertson kept his sense of humor, tweeting a photo of his himself in a similar pose to actor Steven Seagal from one of the actor’s movies. The caption read: “Just like Steven Seagal, I’m hard to kill.”