Tori Spelling Shares Hospital Pic As New Drama Unfolds on 'True Tori' Premiere

It looks like Tori Spelling is starting to feel better!

Tori Spelling Shares Hospital Pic As New Drama Unfolds on 'True Tori' Premiere

The reality star shared an Instagram photo from her hospital room to help promote the Tuesday night season premiere of Lifetime’s “True Tori.”

Sources confirmed to “Extra” that Spelling is suffering from bronchitis and sinusitis. She has been recovering at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. since Saturday.

Meanwhile, on the premiere, Spelling and husband Dean McDermott return home from a beach vacation, and their marriage troubles again take center stage.

Tori decides she wants to see the woman that Dean cheated with, so she enlists her friends to find a copy of the magazine article about his affair. Upon seeing Emily Goodhand’s photo, she’s in shock. Not because of how beautiful she is, but because she’s just an average girl.

Seeing the picture makes Tori even more insecure. Now she realizes that any woman could be a threat.

Then Tori reveals to her therapist… she might be pregnant!

When Spelling finally got up the nerve to tell Dean, he replies, “Don’t worry about it.” It was clearly not the response she was looking for!

In another awkward scene, while she has a group of friends over, Tori finds out her show, “Mystery Girls,” has been cancelled. Dean tries to comfort her, but she pushes him away. He can’t handle it and freaks out on her, causing a fight.

Catch the next “True Tori” episode on Tuesday at 9 PM on Lifetime.