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What Are Kerry Washington’s Makeup Must-Haves?

“Scandal” star Kerry Washington graces the November cover of Allure magazine, in which she reveals some of her makeup secrets.

What Are Kerry Washington’s Makeup Must-Haves?
Allure Magazine
The actress said, “A little concealer is always great for spots. I have to have lots of different colors, because as a person of color, your skin tone, even when it’s really even, changes on different parts of your face. And at different times of the year, I need different colors.”

She added, “And then also mascara. I’m a mascara girl. I love Neutrogena Healthy Lengths. [Washington is a creative consultant for the brand.] People are always like, ‘Do you need an eyelash curler? Oh, no, you don’t.’ I have very thick, curly lashes. On the show, I do not wear fake lashes. People often think I do.”

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