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Teresa and Joe Giudice: Leading Separate Lives; Joe Blows Up at Court

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice and husband Joe are apparently living apart since being sentenced for bankruptcy fraud a few weeks ago.

Teresa and Joe Giudice: Leading Separate Lives; Joe Blows Up at Court
A source told RadarOnline that Joe hasn’t been home much, instead staying with “siblings and friends,” and that his home with Teresa and their four daughters is “the last place” he wants to be.

The insider said, “The last place he wants to be is home with Teresa in the house of horrors. He felt intense pressure from Teresa over the years to provide her with an over-the-top lifestyle, and the house is just a horrible reminder of that. When Joe does come home, it’s very late at night and things are very tense between the two of them.”

There have also been rumors that Teresa is planning to divorce Joe when he finishes his 41-month sentence.

The strain is clearly taking its toll on him. Joe appeared in court on Wednesday morning in a driver’s license fraud case, and “Extra” was there.

Angered, Joe pushed cameras out of the way as he made his way into the courtroom… watch.

In the latest fraud case, Joe allegedly faked being his brother, Pietro Giudice, to get a license in June 2010, after his own was suspended following a DWI five months prior. Teresa did not accompany her husband to court.

At first, Joe did not accept the plea deal, but reconsidered when he learned a trial could mean more jail time. The deal would allow him to serve an 18-month sentence that would be served concurrently with his federal 41-month sentence.