Cate Edwards Opens Up About Her Relationship with Dad John Edwards

Cate Edwards, eldest daughter of onetime presidential candidate and former senator John Edwards, joined “Extra’s” Renee Bargh at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Cate Edwards Opens Up About Her Relationship with Dad John Edwards
Cate spoke about her relationship with her father following a cheating scandal that rocked their family while her mother, Elizabeth Edwards, was suffering from breast cancer. She died in 2010.
The lawyer said she and her father are in a good place now. “My dad and I are really close and actually practicing law together and we're really moving forward.” Her mother was also an attorney.
As for how they got to that point, Cate explained, “Just a lot of love between us and a lot of time and effort. We've been through a lot together.” Cate added she doesn’t really have a relationship with John’s former mistress Rielle Hunter, or half-sister Quinn, but said, “I do know Quinn… she’s a sweet little girl.”
Asked what the chances are that John will run for office again, Cate replied, “I don’t think they’re high.”
The 32-year-old is not only working as a lawyer specializing in civil rights, she is also very active with “Count Us, Know Us, Join Us,” a support organization for Women Living with Advanced Breast Cancer.
Cate said, “You can go to the website and get counted as a supporter, caregiver, family member or patient at You can get counted, show your support. It's a place where anybody who's been touched by advanced breast cancer can go and find resources, advocacy groups, support groups, medical information. It's a great community.”