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Usher Opens Up on the Possibility of Finding Love Again

“Extra" special correspondent Angie Martinez sat down with superstar Usher to talk about his new 27-city tour, “The UR Experience,” and about settling down again in the future.

Usher Opens Up on the Possibility of Finding Love Again
Usher said he could see himself remarried in two or three years. “I’ve been even more excited about the idea of it.” He then joked, “It could be the fact that I’ve spent the last year at everybody’s damn wedding, like I’ve become damn near the wedding singer, know what I mean?”
The singer is hitting the road for the first time in three years. “I never felt disconnected from the mode or moment ‘cause I’ve been doing so many things in music to prepare. I took a year to prepare and play Sugar Ray Robinson in the film about Roberto Duran’s life, ‘Hands of Stone.’ That comes out next year.”
As for his tour, Usher explained, “Every night’s going to be a different experience. There’s this moment in the show where the unexpected happens, that may be guest appearances, maybe something that is totally off the beaten path and probably will never happen again outside that arena… that is the ‘UR’ experience.”
Usher also talked about being a mentor and good friend to other artists like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown.
The best advice he has given Bieber? “You can have it all, if you want it, that’s it.”
As for Brown, Usher said, “What I told him is always remember the people that you started with, stay with them. I said all of our life’s lessons, they make us who we are, and if we learn from them there’s something great in it.”
Usher kicks off “The UR Experience” November 1.