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'Chicago Fire' Actress Molly Glynn Dies in Tragic Accident

Molly Glynn, who played a doctor on NBC’s “Chicago Fire,” died on Friday. She was 46. 

'Chicago Fire' Actress Molly Glynn Dies in Tragic Accident
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Glynn, who was also an accomplished stage actress in Chicago, and her husband were on a bike ride just north of the city when an unexpected storm hit.

As they sought safety from the inclement weather, a tree toppled over, killing Glynn.

Family friend David Rice confirmed the news to the Associated Press. "It was a freak accident and a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time," he said.

Rice added, "Molly was one of the most loving and generous people in the Chicago theater scene. She was incredibly talented -- incredibly versatile. She could handle both comedy and the deepest darkest, dramas."

Glynn is survived by her husband and two teenage sons.