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'Friends' Reunion Gone Wrong? Why Fans Are So Upset

Jimmy Kimmel’s “Friends” reunion featuring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow should have been something for fans to rejoice about -- instead, thousands are complaining!

'Friends' Reunion Gone Wrong? Why Fans Are So Upset

In the sketch, Jimmy forces Jen and friends to act out his personal fan fiction (he plays Ross). Aniston acts irritated with Kimmel the whole time, especially when she finds out the script is all about how great Ross is in bed.

Apparently, some viewers didn’t realize the skit was rehearsed and planned, and that Aniston was just pretending to be rude to Jimmy.

On Thursday night, Kimmel shared some angry tweets and YouTube comments about the reunion. Watch the video!

One viewer wrote, “Im sad. Jennifer Aniston seemed really rude on the jimmy kimmel friends reunion skit.”

Another wrote, “Why did Jennifer Aniston not seem happy about that Friends reunion on Kimmel? It’s like she didn’t have fun at all.”

Jimmy assured everyone that Jen was in fact acting, and now believes she should get an Emmy for doing such a convincing job!

Watch the “Friends” reunion skit!