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Why ‘Sin City’ Star Jessica Alba Hates Working Out

“Extra’s” special correspondent Rob Estes sat down with Jessica Alba to talk about her new film, “Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For.”

Why ‘Sin City’ Star Jessica Alba Hates Working Out
Alba showed off her fit figure as exotic dancer Nancy Callahan in “Sin City 2” and revealed she doesn’t always like to exercise. “I like how I feel after, but the process is just agonizing. I can literally think of anything else, including having a cold glass of chardonnay, that I’d rather do then workout. It’s so boring. I figured out now some certain things that I like to do, and it’s actually become kind of a stress reliever if you can believe it.” Alba added she is fan of hot yoga.

As for playing Nancy again, the actress said, “What’s so great about playing a role like this is is that I really get to go there. I really got to take it to the nth degree of just rage and anger, sadness, disappointment, all of it, all of that stuff. I got to just go there, so it was quite cathartic.”

Jessica added the “raunchy” routines “took me a while to get in to the space and comfort with my own body to be able to do that. I worked with a choreographer, and I wanted to have every dance kind of really show you physically with her body where she was emotionally.”

The star also opened up about life at home with husband Cash Warren and being a mom to daughters Honor, 6, and Haven, 3.

Jessica said juggling motherhood and work is not always easy. “Multi-tasking, it’s a struggle… I don't always feel like I'm doing it very well, but I try. I always feel like something is always inevitably going to be compromised.”

Her top priority is her kids. “They have to be good, happy, healthy, and then everything else sort of figures it’s self out from there.”

Alba also said she and Cash always have a date night, which is important for them. “Sometimes it's literally sitting on the couch and ordering in and eating popcorn and watching a great TV series that we love or it’s going out to try a new restaurant or it’s going to the movies. We do double dates sometimes with friends. It’s important to spend time as adults together and just have fun. It's just nice to be able to hang out and hang out with your best friend.”

“Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For” hits theaters August 22.