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Did Leonardo DiCaprio Cheer On Orlando Bloom in Justin Bieber Brawl?

Actor Orlando Bloom may have had some Hollywood A-list encouragement in his dust-up with pop star Justin Bieber.

Did Leonardo DiCaprio Cheer On Orlando Bloom in Justin Bieber Brawl?
Spanish journalist Anastasia Skolkova, who filmed the infamous video of Bloom throwing a punch at Bieber at an Ibiza restaurant, told The Mirror that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor threw more than one punch at Justin, much to the delight of fellow diners, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsay Lohan and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

FFN_DiCaprio_Leo_GTRES_072614_51487520[photo: Fame/Flynet Pictures]
She said, “When Orlando punched Bieber, everyone started clapping. Lindsay was laughing. It was amazing. The whole table he and DiCaprio were clapping. Afterward, I don't know if people were congratulating Orlando or trying to calm him down.”

Although Skolkova claims Bieber provoked the altercation, another eyewitness tells "Extra” that "Justin came into the club, and everyone was having a good time. He went up to a group of people where Orlando was, Justin not realizing or knowing it was Orlando, introduced himself and went to shake Orlando’s hand. Orlando blew off the handshake... Justin went to walk away, looked back and Orlando threw a punch. Seemed that Orlando was pissed about something. Justin did nothing to provoke Orlando."
The actor and the singer have reportedly been feuding for years over Bloom's estranged wife, Miranda Kerr. The feud began after the model and Bieber reportedly spent hours cuddling and flirting at a showbiz party in New York in 2012.
Shortly after the Ibiza incident, Bieber posted a picture of Miranda on Instagram, but quickly deleted it. He later posted another that appeared to be Orlando Bloom crying.

Sources told E! News that Kerr is “embarrassed” by the whole thing. "[Miranda] is in Spain and Europe now and is vacationing with the family and relaxing. Miranda wants all of this behind her and she just wants to move on from this and go about her life. She is very embarrassed about everything that has gone on."