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Casey Kasem Still Not Buried, Family Feud Continues

Radio legend Casey Kasem’s unburied remains are still at a funeral home in Tacoma, Washington, a month after his death.

Kasem, who suffered from Lewy Body dementia, died June 15 in a hospice while surrounded by close family and friends, including his children, Kerri, Mike and Julie.

Casey’s wife, Jean Kasem, was not present when he died, but gained the rights to his body for burial, which has not yet been arranged.

A spokesperson for Kerri Kasem told Daily Mail that Kasem's children hope he will be buried at Forest Lawn in California, as he wished.

According to TMZ, Jean believes the elder Kasem siblings want to cash in on Casey’s life insurance policy. Jean told TMZ, “Their impatience for Casey to die was obvious... and now their impatience to collect on the life insurance is even more telling.”

In the final weeks of the “American Top 40” host’s life, Kerri and Jean feuded over the ailing DJ’s care. Jean is reportedly now under investigation over accusations that she “fatally compromised” Casey’s health by taking him on a multi-state ride that ended in Washington.

Casey’s children held a memorial service for their dad a week after his death, which was attended by 200 people, including his brother, but excluding Jean and her daughter Liberty, whom she had with Casey.