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Madonna's Daughter Is All Grown Up, Blogging About High School Graduation

Lourdes Leon, 17, is saying goodbye to high school and hello to college!

The daughter of Madonna and trainer Carlos Leon opened up about her high school days in a new blog post for her design label, Material Girl.

Lourdes, who goes by Lola, admitted "how very happy and slightly saddened I am that my high school years are now coming to an end," adding, "it's weird because so much more lies ahead–yet it feels almost empty to wrap up high school."

The soon-to-be graduate said she wouldn’t be looking back with any bitterness, recognizing that she was lucky enough to attend an exceptional school.

"Of course I'll miss the friends that I've made and the family that makes up the drama department," Lola wrote, "but it's really beautiful to be able to see all of the people I dearly love and care for, people that I grew up with for four years, go on and pursue their passions, whatever they may be, and find their place."

Madonna-Lourdes [Credit: Getty Images]

Leon pointed out that she wore some “unfortunate outfits” over the years. 

"I still don't think that I have a defined style," she writes, "maybe because I don't want to limit myself to what I should wear. Makes me happy knowing that I went to an arts school where any kind of style could fly: It gave me the confidence and the yolo spirit I needed to successfully look like a clown (it's fine)."

Lourdes is still working with the Material Girl design team and expects new style to hit Macy's in the fall.

"Can't believe I was just starting high school when we launched MG and now I am graduating! These looks will hit Macy's when I am a college freshman."

The unofficial word is that Lola will be attending the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.