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Casey Kasem’s Health: Judge Rules in Favor of Wife After Court Breakdown

A judge ruled on Monday that radio legend Casey Kasem, who is in hospice care in Washington, was to be hydrated, fed and medicated after Casey’s wife, Jean Kasem, broke down in a courthouse corridor, wailing over and over, "Please don't let them kill my husband!"

According to NBC News, the outburst took place minutes before Jean, 59, and her lawyers, appeared before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy to protest decisions made over the weekend by Casey’s daughter Kerri Kasem, who was appointed temporary healthcare conservator for her father.

Kerri’s attorney Troy Martin said in court that Casey’s doctors in Washington had stopped hydration, nutrition and some medications after they determined that the processes became too painful for the 82-year-old, who suffers from Lewy Body dementia.

Judge Murphy, however, sided with Jean for the time being so that a court-appointed attorney could go to Washington and evaluate Casey’s health. The judge set another hearing for Friday to receive an update.

A rep for Kerri told the L.A. Times the decision might not make a difference. "The point is, by Friday, will he even make it? He's receiving hospice care now. He can't eat anything. His body rejects it. He's in stable condition and there's nothing more that they can do."

Jean, who has for years been feuding with Casey’s three children from his first marriage, made headlines last week for hurling raw meatat her stepdaughter after Kerri finally located her missing father and took him away in an ambulance.