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Facial Hair, Don’t Care? See Jennifer Lawrence’s Bearded Lady Look

Jennifer Lawrence looks adorable, even with a blonde goatee!

The “Hunger Games” star’s ever-changing locks are always a hot topic, so Lawrence decided to have a little fun with her hair extensions, using one as a beard in her “Tonight Show” appearance on Thursday (watch the video)! She joked to Fallon that she had wanted to make two bushy eyebrows too! 

Lawrence, who pre-taped the interview on April 21, explained, “Everyone is talking about how Jennifer Lawrence is growing her hair out a little bit, so I wanted to show everyone that I grew my chin out a little bit, Hollywood style.”

The conversation turned serious when Jennifer accused Jimmy of embarrassing her in front of Jennifer Lopez.

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Apparently, Jennifer and Jimmy were at an event when they spotted Lopez. They made a plan to ask her to dance, but Fallon bailed! Watch the video for Jimmy’s side of the story. 

Then, just as Jen Law couldn't get any cuter, she plays of a game called "Box of Lies" with Fallon... take a look and laugh your butt off!