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'The Voice' Results: What's Next for Kat Perkins and Kristen Merlin?

The Voice” said goodbye to two Season 6 favorites on Tuesday, Kat Perkins from Team Adam Levine and Kristen Merlin from Team Shakira.

'The Voice' Finale Live Blog

We caught up with Kat and Kristen backstage to find out what they have in store for the future.

Perkins said she’s ready to “dive back into the music business full-time. I can’t wait to write and record a record whether that is with the help of the show or not.”

Kat definitely wants to keep performing live, “I gained such a following with this show that I can’t go back to being a nanny. The fire is lit officially again.”

The type of music she wants to pursue might surprise fans. Inspired by her save-me song, Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl,” and Blake Shelton, Kat said she’s thinking about trying country-rock.

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“Country kind of needs that tattooed, dark-haired girl right now… they love that rock ‘n roll country. There are all kinds of guys that do it. What I know is that I will stay true to my voice… and I know it will be somewhat rock.”

Kristen said she hopes this is “just the start to a new beginning. Top 5 is nothing to sneeze at and coming up from an open call is pretty rad. I had a blast.”

Merlin also revealed, “Before 'The Voice' even started I had just finished my album, or was just about to release it, I had a few tweaks to do, it was more like a hip-hop country kinda feel. I would like to revisit it and maybe rework it before I release it.”