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Bob Harper’s 5 Tips for Getting Fit

Ever wonder what it would be like to sweat it out with Bob Harper, trainer on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser?”

Harper held a workout session in NYC over the weekend for SELF magazine’s “Workout in the Park,” taking his fitness routine to the next level and giving participants his five best fitness tips.

--Drink water before every meal
--Eat protein at every meal
--No carbs after lunch
--Remember to eat apples and berries every day
--Go to bed hungry

SELF’s “Workout in the Park” brought the best and latest workouts together in one convenient place. The event, which benefits Cancer and Careers, also offered beauty consultations, energizing workshops, fabulous freebies, healthy treats and the season’s hottest fitness accessories and apparel.

Harper signed copies of his new bestseller “Skinny Meals,” which features his favorite 100 recipes under 350 calories.