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Magic Johnson Is ‘Proud’ of How the NBA Handled the Donald Sterling Controversy

“Extra” with Magic Johnson and wife Cookie at The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation Gala, getting Johnson’s comments on Donald Sterling’s scandal and lifetime ban.

The basketball star said, “He made a huge mistake years ago, not just recently, discriminating against Latinos and African Americans… To come out and say he doesn’t want African-Americans at his games, then pointing me out personally, that he doesn’t want me at his games, there’s no room in our society for that.”

Magic said he is pleased on how things were handled. “I’m just so proud of the players. I’m proud of how Coach Doc Rivers handled it, and I’m proud of Chris Paul rallying all the other players in the NBA to say we’re not going to stand for this. Kevin Johnson representing those players, as well as everybody of all colors who stood up and say we’re not going to take this.”

Magic continued, “I said that Cookie and I would never go back to a Clippers game as long as he owned the team, now that he’s banned, I’ll go back. Hopefully the board of governors will vote him out.”

The Johnsons were honored with the Helping Hand award at the gala. Johnson explained, “For us, probably it’s our greatest honor, because when you think about Steve and Marjorie and what they built with the Harvey Foundation, and they’re good friends of ours… The excellent work that they’ve been doing throughout the country in terms of educating young people and giving them a chance go to college, I just think it’s awesome.”