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Michael Strahan Sounds-Off on Donald Sterling Scandal

Only “Extra” was with Michael Strahan on Thursday night at Operation Smile’s Smile Event in New York City. Michael, who spent 15 years in the NFL, sounded-off on the controversy surrounding Donald Sterling.    

“When it first happened I was shocked like everybody else… you’ve heard all the things in the past, all the allegations against him that somehow disappeared or were never substantiated, so when this was finally substantiated and the NBA came down, I thought Adam Silver did an incredible job… I gained a lot of respect for him.”  

Michael continued, “I thought all the players stood up and let their voices be heard because sometimes in the past guys would be quiet, wouldn’t say anything, but this was one of the incidents where guys stood up and said, ‘This is our league and we're going to protect it.’” 

Michael, one of the busiest men on TV, recently joined “Good Morning America,” and he loves it! 

“It’s fun, it’s different… I equate it as FOX is all the guys -- rah, rah, rah. Then I go talk to Kelly and it's like the girl… and then I go to ‘GMA’ and it's a few guys and a few ladies. So it's the ultimate combination. And it is interesting because it's something I've never done, so to sit and watch and learn… I'm looking at George, who's amazing and makes it so easy, and Robin's so amazing, puts me at ease for something that I was nervous at first to do, and Lara’s great and Amy’s great, and Ginger’s great, they’ve all been so welcoming.”