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'The Voice' Coaches to Pharrell: This Is What You Need to Know!

Pharrell was the talk of the red carpet at a special “Voice” event and concert at the Sayers Club in Hollywood on Thursday night.

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Before heading in for a private, acoustic show by the coaches, “Extra” got the scoop on what they think Pharrell needs to know before taking his seat in a big red chair next season.

Shakira: “Fasten your seat belt, it is going to get wild! I know Pharrell, we have worked together in the past, he is a very smart guy, He is going to do just fine. He is a natural, he is going to do a great job.”

Adam Levine: “He is a wonderful artist. He is really diverse in what he can do, and it is going to be tough to steer people away from him. I would pick Pharrell over myself. My advice would be… get ready for a different experience, it is definitely unlike anything he’s ever experienced.”

Blake Shelton: “Get ready for a death match! Be ready to be hateful on TV and be competitive. Know that Adam doesn’t have your back even though right now he’s saying Pharrell is this great guy, talented and creative. No, he’s about to experience a way different Adam!”

Usher: “I don’t really have any advice. What works for me, works for me, it is about who he picks, who he fights for in the turn, but it is going to be exciting.”

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Carson: “Be himself! People think that once you are on a TV set and they go ‘action’ that they have to say a certain thing and really this show is just like everything is rolling at all times. The best thing you can do is be yourself, because that’s why we want you -- for your brain and what you have to say when those artists are up there.”