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Paul Walker's Mom Fights for Custody of Granddaughter, Claims His Ex Has a Drinking Problem

Could Paul Walker’s mother end up raising his daughter Meadow Walker? That’s the arrangement he asked for in his will, and it seems his request might be granted.

TMZ reports that Cheryl is taking steps to gain custody of the 15-year-old, claiming that the girl’s mother, Rebecca Soteros, has a drinking problem.

Rebecca has 2 DUIs on her record, the first from 2003, the second from 2013. Sources say that Soteros’ drinking may have been a factor in Meadow moving out of her mom’s house in Hawaii to live with Paul three years ago.

In the court documents, Cheryl notes that Rebecca and Meadow are already living with her, and that Soteros can't care for the teen.

In other news, TMZ has learned that the estate Paul left to Meadow -- originally estimated at $25 million -- is now believed to be $16 million.