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Kim Kardashian in Disguise! Frizzy Wig, Bad Teeth and Prosthetic Mask!

Now this is a make-under! Kim Kardashian agreed to undergo a complete transformation for Oxygen’s “Celebrities Undercover,” and the results will shock you.

Kim, sporting a frizzy wig, bad teeth and prosthetic makeup, even managed to fool her sister Kourtney!


As part of the show, hosted by Wendy Williams, Kardashian transformed into an alter-ego named Cynthia, and infiltrated a group of candidates interviewing to be her new assistant.

[Credit: Oxygen]

The job seekers, who also claimed to be major fans, had their loyalty put to the test. At one point, an actor pretending to be a gossip reporter pressed them to confirm a story, later the women were offered gifts meant for Kim, but they refused.

[Credit: Oxygen]

When the group moved from Kim’s office to her home, they ran into Kourtney and boyfriend Scott Disick. Kourtney didn’t even know it was her own sister!

kim-kardashian-undercover-2 [Credit: Oxygen]

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