Exclusive! Behind-the-Scenes Look at Tim McGraw's New Single 'Lookin' for That Girl'

“Extra” was on location with Tim McGraw as he shot his new music video, "Lookin' for That Girl."

McGraw told “Extra” about the video’s theme. “We’re sort of going for a little of the James Bond imagery… the openings of the James Bond movies with ethereal sort of background and the vagueness of what the background is and the sexiness of what it is, so we're certainly going for that kind of vibe.”
McGraw said the character in the song is like one from a movie. “It’s not coming from my point of view, so to speak. It’s more about just sort of a character in a movie or a character in a song, and I just happen to be the one singing about it.”
Check out the behind-the-scenes video and tune in to “Extra” tonight for the music video's big debut!