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Lena Dunham Hosting ‘SNL’: ‘Scandal,’ Nakedness and More!

“Girls” creator Lena Dunham took her first crack at hosting “Saturday Night Live,” and had many memorable moments.

“I Literally Have About 1,000 Follow-Up Questions…”

Dunham channels her “Girls” character Hannah in a “Scandal” spoof, in which Lena plays a new girl who not only can’t make it to Mexico to plant a bug on a dignitary’s wife in 10 minutes, she also can’t stop marveling over how ridiculously attractive and efficient everyone on the show is.

“Adam? A Snake Just Talked to Me… Is That Normal?”

In this hilarious “Girls” parody, Dunham plays Eve in the Garden of Eden, poking fun at her propensity for being naked, along with a spot-on Taran Killam as Adam Driver.

“Congratulate the Man That Never Existed”

Speaking of Killam, he does another spot-on impersonation of Matthew McConaughey during "Weekend Update." 

“Ooh, Child”

Dunham is one of a group of friends participating in a car sing-along to the Five Stairsteps song, “Ooh Child,” only each time her part came up, she was interrupted by the talking GPS system.

As an Added Bonus, the Cold Opening…

Liam Neeson stopped by to assist Jay Pharoah’s President Obama with the Ukraine/Russia situation by spinning it as a mix of Neeson’s “Taken” movies and a Chuck Norris project.