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Kerry Washington Is Not Perfect… Here’s Why

“Scandal” actress Kerry Washington is the new Hollywood “It” girl, but she’s far from perfect… at least she doesn’t think she is.

When DooBop.com told Kerry they thought she was flawless, the actress, who is expecting her first child with hubby Nnamdi Asomugha, replied, “I think you’re wrong!”

“I think it looks that way,” she explained. “But the reality is we all have nerves and moments of insecurity. We all wonder at times ‘What am I doing here? What is going on?’ But If I said to myself that I’m only going to show up, or speak or be visible when I’m perfect, I would never get out of bed.”

She continued, “I (show up) to be of service and to be used for something greater. It’s about knowing what I am in this moment is what I need to be. And going for it. The “imperfections” are actually the gift.”