Ty Burrell on Why He’ll Never Look Cool on a Motorcycle

Funnyman Ty Burrell, best known as goofball Phil Dunphy on the ABC hit comedy “Modern Family," appears in Playboy’s March issue and admits he isn’t the most suave motorcyclist.

Burrell told the mag, “I finished a course with Harley-Davidson on how to ride a motorcycle. It’s very much a midlife-crisis sort of thing to do. It was super fun and there were moments of delusion when I felt pretty cool riding. I did it with three friends, and luckily there wasn’t one of us for whom it was like, ‘Hey, you’re really good!’ It was more like the battle of who looked least cool riding a motorcycle.”

The actor also joked about female fans throwing themselves at him. “It’s either my personal lack of sexual charisma or the fact that Phil Dunphy is just sort of a sweet, asexual character, but I don’t get that kind of attention. Women approach me just looking for a hug. Besides, it really matters whom you’re with. My wife and I have been married 13 years, and we have two great kids now. I know I’ve stumbled into the right relationship.”

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Burrell is starring in two soon-to-be-released movies; “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” and “Muppets Most Wanted.”