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'Biggest Loser' Trainer Responds to Claims That Winner Is Too Thin

Did “Biggest Loser” winner Rachel Frederickson take her extreme weight loss too far? Following the controversy over her appearance at the finale on Tuesday, her trainer, Dolvett Quince, is speaking out.

He wrote on his Facebook page, "Last night's ‘Biggest Loser’ finale has sparked a huge reaction and I do not want the day to end without addressing it.”

He continued, "’Biggest Loser’ is a journey which has its ups and downs. Please try not to look at one slice of Rachel's journey and come to broad conclusions. Rachel's health is and always has been my main concern and her journey to good health has not yet ended!"

Fellow trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels appeared shocked during the finale, but didn’t want to comment on Rachel’s appearance.


[Credit: NBC]

Bob wrote on Instagram, “We’re not comfortable commenting on Rachel’s journey because we weren’t her trainers and weren’t given an opportunity to work with her at any point.”

Fellow contestants Ruben Studdard told “Extra” he was proud of Rachel, “’The Biggest Loser' is about  making changes in your life, she has most definitely done that. This young lady was a champion swimmer, six-time state champion swimmer, and she had a lot of setbacks that made her turn to food to cope with those things, and she's been able to overcome that, so I'm very proud of Rachel. I'm very proud of what she's become, she's the ‘Biggest Loser’ winner, and that's all I know.”

Frederickson began the competition at 260. She lost 155 pounds, weighing just 105 pounds at the finale.