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'Fit Mom' Controversy: Maria Kang Opens Up About Battle with Bulimia

Maria Kang aka “Fit Mom” was accused of “fat-shaming” and “bullying” for flaunting her ripped, post-baby body on Facebook with a photo captioned, “What’s your excuse?” Now she’s opening up about her own weight-loss journey, including a battle with bulimia.

The 32-year-old told the Daily Mail she was body-conscious from a young age and always felt “chunky.” She turned to bulimia, but it caused her weight to yo-yo and her metabolism to “shut down.” At her heaviest, the 5-foot-4-inch mom weighed 152 pounds.
“I used disordered eating to fill an empty void,” said Kang, who would binge and purge up to three times a day. “It was worse when I was feeling anxious. People often call bulimia the ‘good girl drug’ because we don’t do drugs or drink alcohol we just abuse food.”
Her friends and family wanted to step in, but they didn’t know how to help. She finally overcame the eating disorder by “loving” herself and developing good eating habits. With each pregnancy, the mother of three strived to become healthier.
Kang considers herself a fitness advocate, spurred by her mother’s struggle with weight and diabetes.