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Paul Walker Death: Previous Porsche Owner Said Clutch Was ‘Tricky’

One of the previous owners of the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT in which Paul Walker and friend Roger Rodas tragically died said the car had a “tricky” clutch that would stall.

Eric Olberz, a professional Porsche racing driver whose family runs Sport Chalet, told the NY Daily News on Monday, “It was tricky and could stall starting up, but once you got it into second gear, it wasn’t a problem.”

Daily News reports that Porsche engineers intentionally excluded an electronic system in the 2005 Carrera GT that automatically corrects when a driver loses control. This system is now mandatory in all cars sold in the US.

Olberz owned the Porsche and drove it for a total of 600 miles until he sold it in 2008 to yet another owner who preceded Rodas, and because of his knowledge, he believes Rodas may have lost control when the car hit either an oily patch or gravel in the road.

Olberz said, “If you want to get the most out of the car on a professional level, you don’t want stability control. You wouldn’t want it full-time. But on a public street, you would want to activate it. You never know what your road conditions will be and when you might lose traction. And if you’re going too fast in that car, you can’t correct it.”

Police say speed was a factor in the fiery crash that killed the “Fast & Furious” star, but the incident remains under investigation.