Paul Walker’s Last 'Extra' Interview: His Haunting Quotes About Life

Just three weeks ago in his last interview with “Extra” to promote his upcoming drama “Hours," Paul Walker spoke candidly with Terri Seymour about staying positive in life.

In the film, he plays a man who loses his wife during childbirth and then must fight to save his infant daughter’s life just as Hurricane Katrina hits the hospital.

Paul told Terri, “I think just about anybody can relate to what it’s like having something taken away from you… but when you buy into the disparity of it all, that's when you're screwed. You get up and you keep going. You're going to find purpose again. You're going to find a sense of self again. You're going to figure out what's up and what's going on and what's its really all about.”

Watch more of the poignant interview.

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“Hours” opens in theaters December 13.