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‘The Walking Dead’ Burning Questions: Can the Governor Be Redeemed?

The big G is back! In Sunday night’s “The Walking Dead” episode “Live Bait,” we find out what happens to the Governor after he goes completely cuckoo and kills the rest of his followers when they fail to destroy Rick and the prison gang, and begin to revolt against him.

The Gov’s two right-hand men, Martinez and Shumpert -- who survive G’s wrath -- ditch him the first chance they get, leaving him to fend for himself. First and foremost, he burns Woodbury to the ground, and then starts to wander.

We see him weeks later, disheveled, long hair, scraggly beard, exhausted; he’s a broken man. He literally stumbles upon a small family – two sisters, their father and one of the sister’s little girl -- holed up in an apartment building and that’s where we begin our burning questions for next week’s episode.

Will the Gov teach these people the ways of the new walker world? The family has been stuck in their apartment since the zombie apocalypse began, so they have no idea how to kill the biters (what the Gov likes to call them). They also don’t know that if you die of natural causes, you still come back. When Tara and Lily’s father dies of lung cancer, the Governor is the one who has to smash his head in when he turns.

How attached is the Governor going to get to the little girl, Megan? We all remember how he felt about his zombie daughter, Penny, so Megan is the perfect, actual human substitution. G forms an immediate bond with her, and even though she’s afraid of him after she sees him kill her grandfather, she ultimately knows he’ll protect her, no matter what.

Can the Governor find love with Megan’s mom Lily? G and the girls take off to find better shelter, and lo and behold, Gov and Lily get very close. At least she seems like a good match.

If the Governor has finally mellowed out, will he be able to convince his former cohorts he’s not crazy anymore? That’s right, as G, Megan and the women are running from a swarm of zombies, they run right into Martinez. Will they be safe?

Is everyone going to start calling the Governor Brian? We find out his real name, but it's weird to call him anything else but the Governor.

Bonus question: Will we see the old folks home again? Probably not, but it’s a great excuse for us to say, “Oh nice... Walkers with their walkers.”