'The Walking Dead': David Morrissey on the Governor, the Plague and Spoilers!

The maniacal, one-eyed governor is making his Season 4 comeback on “The Walking Dead”! Fans caught a glimpse of him lurking near the prison at the close of Sunday’s episode -- leading viewers to assume he’s the one making everyone sick.

“Extra’s” Maria Menounos posed the plague question to star David Morrissey, who plays the villain, but he dodged the question, calling it “one of the hardest shows to promote because you can’t give away any spoilers.”

He went on to joke, “What’s not to like about a guy with an eye patch,” adding that it does get annoying. “You walk into things,” he admitted. “I rehearse my fights without the eye patch… I always tell myself not to do it and then I do the fight with the eye patch and get smacked in the head!”

The fun continued with David scaring Maria with a zombie and judging a walker contest. Check it out!

David had to stay mum on what’s next for The Governor, so we still have lots of burning questions about his crazy character. Like…

Did he start the plague? We’ve seen him lurking about, so he must be responsible for making everyone sick, right?

How did he do it? Is it in the water or is it related to those rats? There are so many possibilities.

About those rats… is he feeding the zombies too? A herd of zombies can be a powerful weapon. Is he the one luring the undead with rats and if so, how is he feeding them from the inside of the prison fence?

Where does he live? He’s a pretty resourceful guy. Is he camping nearby?

Is he going to recruit Carol? Rumor has it he meets up with Carol. Say it isn’t so!

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