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Miley Cyrus Shocker! See What She Wore to the Bambi Awards

The temperature must be dropping Germany, if even Miley Cyrus is covering up. The singer skipped her skimpy style on the Bambi Awards red carpet, instead opting for what’s being described as a “goth glam gown.”

Somehow, the cozy black dress with long bell sleeves still managed to show off Cyrus’ bangin’ body!

miley-2[Credit: Getty Images]

Later, the International Pop Award winner wowed the crowd (in a bright yellow short and top ensemble) with a stripped-down version of “Wrecking Ball,” featuring Miley and two guitar players. Watch!

Behind the scenes, the 20-year-old had a little fun, posting a selfie with her tongue out. Some even speculate the pic was meant for her ex Liam Hemsworth! Earlier this week he was singing her praises telling "Extra,"  “I’m extremely happy for all her success.”


[Credit: Instagram]