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‘Maleficent’ Trailer: Angelina Jolie, Fairies and 2 More Must-Sees

Angelina Jolie looks deliciously evil as “Maleficent” in Disney’s first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated retelling of “Sleeping Beauty.”

Angie is just one of four great must-sees in the trailer…

Elle Fanning: She plays the teenage Princess Aurora, the golden-haired and doomed Beauty. She says to Malefcent, “You’ve been following me my whole life, in the shadows. Don’t be afraid, come out.” Maleficent answers, “Then you’ll be afraid.” Eek!

Fairies: At one point, Aurora is surrounded by them and even high-fives one!

The Spindle Needle: The needle is shown gleaming, Maleficent cursing weapon of choice and Aurora’s undoing.

The Thorny Forest: To match her hat, Maleficent is seen creating her massive thorn forest to keep the Prince from waking his beloved with a kiss.

What We Can’t Wait For: Maleficent turning into a dragon.
“Maleficent” horns into theaters May 30, 2014.