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'The Voice': Xtina Is Handing Out Life Advice... Listen!

Top 12 contestant Jacquie Lee hit another “Voice” home run Monday night with Jack White’s dark “Love Is Blindness.” Just 16, she’s one of the youngest contenders on the show, and practically a Christina Aguilera mini-me.

Through it all, the New Jersey high-schooler is staying grounded, thanks to advice from her mega-watt star coach.

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Lee told “Extra” that off camera, Xtina told her, “I want you to keep a journal. I want you to write in it so whenever you get lost or whenever you feel like you are not yourself, you can go back and read it. It will bring you home and it will remind you of who you are.”

The pint-sized powerhouse replied, “She just got emotional talking about it and it made me emotional. I thought that was amazing advice.”

Jacquie couldn’t believe it when Aguilera compared the two of them. “She always tells me that I remind her a little bit of herself when she was my age, which I’m like, ‘whoa.’ That is the biggest compliment. It is so humbling and she is so humble and sincere and sweet. She has a mom quality.”