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‘The Voice’: Matthew Schuler Reveals What He Thinks of Miley Cyrus

Matthew Schuler blew away America with his emotional rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” last week on “The Voice,” and now the indie rocker from Team Xtina is singing Miley’s praises.

At the Top 12 party on Friday, Schuler told “Extra,” “ I watched ‘Hannah Montana’! I won’t lie.”

He added, “She is doing some groundbreaking stuff right now. She is pursuing her own freedoms… I can’t say I agree with everything she is doing, but it is her art. I respect her art and respect her as an artist. She’s done some amazing things in the music industry and acting and everything. She has my respect.”

Matthew explained that he looked to Miley’s tearful iHeart Radio concert performance for inspiration.

“She was crying, it really means a lot to her. To try and bring my own type of emotion to the song and my own spin on it was hard.”

Watch Schuler, a sophomore at Pennsylvania’s Westchester University, take the stage again, Monday night on NBC!