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Amy Robach Reveals Cancer Diagnosis After On-Air Screening

“Good Morning America” correspondent Amy Robach learned the importance of mammograms the hard way.

Robach participated in an on-air mammogram screening last month as part of the show's October Pink Initiative to help encourage viewers to get checked. The reporter admitted to Robin Roberts on Monday, "I was a little reluctant at first. I'm 40, I'm the age, and I've been putting it off."

The initial screening required further tests for Robach, and she then received the shocking news that she had breast cancer. "It's still hard for me to say the words out loud. I have breast cancer."

Although she’s not sure what stage of cancer she has, Robach made the decision to have a “bilateral mastectomy."

Married to former “Melrose Place” star Andrew Shue, Robach has two daughters and three stepsons. "Telling my children was the toughest part. But that's when you get strong, because you have to be strong for other people."

Robach added, "I'm so grateful that I got the mammogram that day. Robin's words still echo inside of me 'If I got the mammogram on-air and saved one life then it's all worth it,' she had said. It never occurred to me that that life would be mine.”