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Selena Gomez Flaunts Dark Side, and 5 Other Reasons She’d Make a Great BFF

Actress/singer Selena Gomez goes dark and mysterious in a sexy photo shoot for Flaunt magazine, showing off some serious cleavage and smoldering good looks.

How does this make her an intriguing BFF candidate? Here are 5 reasons:
1. Dark = Adventurous
Selena tells the magazine, “It's fun to completely go to the dark side,” which means a night out could get crazy… but in a good way!

selena3[photo: Amanda de Cadenet/Flaunt Magazine]

 2. She Believes in Ghosts!
Selena describes the time she saw a ghost when she was 16. Her family was living in a place that had a life-sized dollhouse in the backyard. She saw a girl in a white dress running by it. Later, her boyfriend at the time saw it, too. Can you say sleepover séances?

3. The Friendship Would Be Private
Miss Gomez would be able to keep your secrets. Selena explained why she doesn’t say much about her private life. “There's nothing left for me, and there's nothing left for my friends, and there's nothing left for my family.”

selena1[photo: Amanda de Cadenet/Flaunt Magazine]
4. Comfort Foodie
Selena admits she loves Southern food, especially the Cracker Barrel restaurant in her hometown of Grand Prairie, Texas. Discussing relationship advice over fried chicken and mac n’ cheese sounds heavenly.

selena4[photo: Amanda de Cadenet/Flaunt Magazine]

5. She’d Be a Positive Influence
The “Come & Get It” singer admits she enjoys reading inspirational books. She said, “Obviously I’ve made a lot of mistakes because I’m human and I go through all of it. I do think you do you have to make your own mistakes and they make you who you are.”