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Mystery Girl Who Filmed Justin Bieber in Bed... Revealed!

Beliebers, hold on to your hats! A new video surfaced on Thursday that shows Justin Bieber curled up in bed in Brazil… and there’s a girl with him!

The clip shows the Biebs fast asleep, while a girl takes a selfie video and blows kisses to him.

Who is the lucky gal? Perez Hilton believes it is Tati Neves, 26, an aspiring pin-up model.
Hollywood Life tracked a few facts about the hottie, including her favorite movie, “The Butterfly Effect,” and her life goal to become a missionary.

Tati-Neves[Credit: Facebook]
Considering Bieber was rumored to be at a Brazilian brothel last weekend (sources say it was nightclub), some have questioned whether the girl in the video is a prostitute. Sources close to Justin say no, telling "Extra" that Bieber doesn't even know the woman.
The sources added that Bieber threw an after-party at his rental following his Rio show and invited about 50 people. When he fell asleep, a partygoer must have sneaked into his room.

tati-neves-1[Credit: Facebook]
According to TMZ, Bieber is supposedly creeped out by the video and disappointed about the hooker rumors.
The “Believe” singer is also defending himself against claims that he vandalized a hotel in Rio. He wrote on Instagram, “Every place I have tagged has been approved… I do not suggest tagging private property. I still suck but i have fun doing it ;)”

JustinBieber[Credit: Instagram]