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What the Face? Renée Zellweger Is Nearly Unrecognizable

Renée Zellweger isn’t looking like herself these days… and this time it has nothing to do with gaining weight for a new “Bridget Jones” movie.

The Oscar winner appeared unrecognizable when she hit the red carpet at a recent NYC event. Now, her smooth forehead, heavy brow and lack of wrinkles has the Internet buzzing with rumors she’s had some work done.

Before and After Pics: Stars with Plastic Surgery

Anthony Youn, M.D., who hasn’t personally treated Renée, told Radar, “It appears that she may have undergone injections of Botox, preventing her brows and forehead from creating her trademark look.”

He added, “Her brows look more relaxed, allowing her eyes to open up more.”

Youn doesn’t believe Renée has had any plastic surgery, and he loves her new look. “She looks great — even better than how she looked when she debuted in 'Jerry Maguire,’” he said.