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Video! Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Blow Up Breakup Rumors with a Kiss

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney blew up break up rumors on Sunday with some serious PDA. The couple, who supposedly split recently, were caught kissing on video after the YouTube Awards.

The actor was even willing to make out with the singer despite her scary skeleton grill. Watch the video below!

Gaga showed up at the kudosfest mimicking the cover art for her “Dope” single, which included a black floppy hat, platform boots, terrifying teeth and a lack of pants.


She skipped the fancy chompers and changed into a flannel shirt for her performance of the “ARTPOP” tune. Kinney got the memo. He was in the crowd cheering her on… in a plaid shirt.

Mother Monster and her “Chicago Fire” beau are supposedly on a break, but it certainly didn’t seem that way after the show as they kissed for the camera.

Earlier, a source told The Sun that the pair planned to talk things through after Taylor told her “she’s married to her career and that he can’t deal with dating GaGa the mega-star and all of her obsessions and alter egos.”