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Jonas Brothers Breakup Confessions: 5 Reasons They Are Ending It

The Jonas Brothers want to explain to their adoring fans why they can no longer play together.

Appearing on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday, brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick spoke for the first time about their split. "We feel like it's time that the Jonas Brothers comes to an end," Kevin, 25, told Robin Roberts.
Here are five explanations the heartthrob siblings gave for their demise:
1. Nick started it: The 21-year-old admitted he was the one who initiated the “tough conversation,” explaining to Roberts, “We're family first and that's always been our main priority and so honesty within what we do as a group was really important. I came to the table with the guys… and shared my heart with them and my feelings.

2. There were “complications.” Nick said, “Look, I feel like we've had some complications within the group for a long time [and] without addressing them I think this train will fall off the tracks… it was the first time we really had that real conversation."
3. It was their differences in the band’s musical direction: Joe, 24, said, "It was just individual things that we were just butting heads about, whether it was the way to set up the music video or even just personal opportunities.
4. It’s time for other career opportunities. Joe said, “At some point we decided it was best to finish this and support each other on our own ventures along the way." (Nick and Joe want to pursue acting, while soon-to-be dad Kevin and wife Daniella have their own reality TV show.)
5. Never say never, but... “There's a certain heaviness that comes with closing a chapter,” explained Nick. “It's impossible to say forever with anything, but I feel like we're playing it one step at a time right now and, like we said, rebuilding as brothers first and starting there."
Kevin did add that they will give a proper goodbye to their fans. "We're going to release four of the unreleased songs from the album, and we put together the live tracks from the last summer tour -- about 10 songs as well -- so we'll be giving that to our fans club members, as a gift from us."