Arsenio Hall Answers Your Burning Questions!

Talk show host Arsenio Hall joined "Extra's" Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood, where the funnyman answered questions you asked on Twitter and Facebook!

Watch to find out why he's barked at on the street, and which surprise actor-turned-musician is an upcoming guest on his show!

Hall also had some probing questions for a select few:

To Bill Clinton: “Are you as comfortable being the First Man as you were the President, 'cause that’s going to be an interesting position?”

To President Barack Obama: “Is it challenging to have your mother-in-law living with you at the White House? I know it’s a big house, but…”

To Kim Kardashian: “Ask your man how us normal guys are going to propose after that. I mean, that makes it very hard. Gotta call NASA to do it better than Kanye!”

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