Who Shot Emily Thorne? Burning Questions for the ‘Revenge’ Cast

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh joined “Revenge” stars Emily VanCamp, Madeline Stowe and Josh Bowman on the set of their hit ABC show, where Bargh probed for secrets and spoilers, especially on the hottest topic: Who shot Emily Thorne?

VanCamp said, “I have my suspicions… Aidan would be obvious choice because of their complicated love affair.” Bowman, who plays Daniel Greyson, added, “I hope it's not me. I think it's going to be a female.” 

Stowe confessed she doesn’t know who shot Emily, but does know that her character, Victoria Grayson, is up to no good. “She's meddling in the relationship between Daniel and Emily, but she also has interesting, loving relationship with her son, who's re-emerged.”

VanCamp’s Emily is now juggling relationships with three men. The actress explained, “This episode we're shooting now, I think she really does make a choice… Jack has been really hard on her. There’s always tension between Aiden and Emily. Daniel’s just more skeptical about her, which is about time.”

Bowman joked that his real-life girlfriend’s character is really getting around. “Emily's shagging everybody, isn't she? She's shagging Aiden and Jack behind my back.”

“Revenge” airs Sunday on ABC!