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The New Lindsay Lohan: 5 Reasons She’d Make a Great BFF

Now that Lindsay Lohan has straightened herself out and is moving on from her troubled past, the redheaded beauty seems like she’d be a really good friend to have. Here’s why...
She Can Introduce You to a Bunch of Half-Naked Models
At an L.A. fashion event this week, Lohan looked classy in a dress and boots, surrounded by shirtless guys. You could be right there with her!

image001[photo: Lindsay Lohan]

She Has Great Clothes You Could Borrow
Still the fashionista, Lindsay could hook you up some sweet designer duds.

FFN_Lohan_Lindsay_KET_083013_51194235[photo: Fame/Flynet Pictures]
She’s Already BFFs with Oprah… and Could Maybe Introduce You
The media mogul and LiLo are tight these days after their exclusive sit-down and Lohan’s eight-episode docu-series for OWN, which airs in 2014. 

20130818-onc-lindsay-lohan-4-430x330[photo: OWN]
She Could Offer Spiritual Support
Lindsay’s new triangle tattoo is a tribute to the power of love, inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, a source exclusively told “Extra.” The Bible verse further explains a post she shared on her website Tuesday labeled "Love, Truth, Power... My New Tattoo.”

linday-lohan-340x440[photo: Lindsay Lohan]
She Could Host Some Fun Sleepovers!
Lohan posted a pic of her rad bedroom on her website… check it out!
lohan[photo: Lindsay Lohan]

As a bonus, go to our Facebook page to guess what show Lindsay is watching in her bedroom shot. The first five people with the right answer will win a prize!