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Britney Spears Reveals Pick for ‘Fifty Shades’ and the Man of Her Dreams!

While promoting her new “Britney Jean” album across the pond, KIIS-FM UK asked the pop star who she would like to see as Christian Grey. She answered, “I love James Franco. I think he’s really cool.”

Funny enough, James isn’t the guy she’s been dreaming about. Brit confessed she just had a dream about another favorite for the part, Ryan Gosling!

"I had a dream about him last night," she gushed. “We were just talking, having a conversation.” Giggling, she added it wasn't that kind of a dream, "I wish it was like that!"
“Extra” got more star reactions at the 2013 Benefit Gala Honoring FX Networks with the Paley Prize for Innovation and Excellence.
“Glee” creator Ryan Murphy admitted “White Collar” actor Matt Bomer is at the top of his list. “I love Matt, I think he’s a great actor and the fans want him.”
Katey Sagal, who plays Charlie Hunnam’s mother on “Sons of Anarchy,” joked “I wasn’t particularly looking forward to seeing him naked.” She continued, I just know a decision like that was I’m sure well thought out…He works very, very, hard on our show, saying he doesn’t have enough time is probably absolutely correct to go from this to that so quickly.”
Kenny Johnson, who plays Herman Kozik on “Anarchy,” said he was looking forward to seeing Charlie in the film.
“He was really excited about it,” Kenny said. “Obviously scheduling and not a lot of time to prep to go into such a huge film, it’s a big deal… He’s great though and I’m sure he’s going to get a million other things.”