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'SNL' Recap: Bruce Willis Leads 'Boy Dance Party,' Katy Perry 'Walks on Air'

Bruce Willis hosted "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, and had no trouble poking fun at himself throughout the show, starting with his opening monologue. "If you told me back in 1989 that there would have been six "Die Hard" films, I would have said that seems a little too many."

Willis then led a group of roughnecks to outer space in a hilarious "Armageddon" parody.

The most memorable moment of the show came when Bruce started a "Boy Dance Party," involving twerking, "sack shaking," and more.

"Weekend Update" anchors Seth Meyers and Cicely Strong took a few jabs at Kris and Bruce Jenner's recent split. "Bruce and Kris Jenner confirmed this week that after 22 years of marriage they’re getting divorced. And if those two can’t make it, that makes perfect sense," said Meyers. Watch the full roast! 

Musical guest Katy Perry concluded the show in a '90s schoolgirl outfit, dancing through a windblown stage and strobe lights to her latest "Prisim" single, "Walking on Air."