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Miley Cyrus Says Hannah Montana Is ‘Dead,’ Quits Acting

Singer Miley Cyrus nailed her hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live,” joking to the world that her former Disney alter ego Hannah Montana “has been murdered.”

Then, in an extended version of the MTV documentary “Miley: The Movement,” which aired Sunday, the "Wrecking Ball" singer revealed she's no longer interested in acting. "I thought after my show I was gonna act. I did one movie and I came back and said, 'I'm never doing that again. I'm going to do music for the rest of my life.'"

Cyrus added, "I'm starting as a new artist. "That's how I think of it."

The 20-year-old pop singer is eager to leave her Hannah Montana days behind. "My whole life it was never about having control. S**t would just come out with my face on it, and that was it. So now nothing can have my face on it, my name on it, that isn't dope -- that isn't a part of the movement."